Captain Cy Melville

Captain Cy Melville checked the dials and readouts again, and when he was satisfied that all was well, he turned his attention back to the package he had received from Algernon Chiffchaff. He knew that only an urgent situation would prompt a communication from the waterbreather who had come to Cy’s aid in a time of trouble years before. But as the message consisted of only “Come at once,” he was left to guess at what it could mean. Even more mysterious was the inclusion of a cybermonkey-sized, soft knit shirt detailed with what appeared to be the first design in a series. Squinting a little with his non-cyber eye, the captain deciphered the shirt’s message. “ISSSUE,” it read.

As his sub neared the target location, the Nautilus zone, Cy steeled himself for whatever new adventure lay ahead…


Certificate of Authenticity

“Captain Cy Melville”

A Custom Vinyl by Kristen

No. 1

July 2013


Author: Kristen