Commission Book Status…Closed

I’m sorry, but due to my full-time job as an instructor, my commission book is closed. I’d love to open it up again when I have time… If you would like to be notified, sign up to be among the first to know when my commission book opens up again.


Dear Doll Collector,

Thank you for your interest in my dolls. It has been my pleasure to work with many doll enthusiasts to create special dolls for their collections.

If you are interested in commissioning a repaint, please e-mail me, and I will be happy to put you on my waitlist. Although my commission book is not currently open (due to my full-time job), please request to be on my waitlist for future commissions. (Please see “Shipping and Payment Commission Details” below.)

If you wish to own one of my other dolls offered publicly, please watch eBay for new listings each month. You can join my yahoo group (see my home page) if you would like to be e-mailed as soon as I have listed a new doll on eBay. If I open a “sales room” in the future, I will announce it using the yahoo group list as well.

Thank you again and take care!

Warmest regards,


Shipping and Payment Commission DETAILS…

I do not offer commissions on Mandolls or Celebrity Sybarites. These are offered exclusively on Ebay or in my sales room!

Commission Prices…

Two main repaint types:

  • Custom Doll. For a repaint and hairstyling on one of your dolls, the price is $415.00 shipped/insured. You are welcome to send inspiration photos and to choose colors, facial expression, and other details that you would like to specify. Let’s discuss your ideas! I am open to painting most fashion doll brands, sizes, and sculpts. I can add tattoos and other special features. Even elf ears!
  • Celebrity Portrait Doll. For a repaint and hairstyling on one of your dolls, the price is $515.00 shipped/insured. This is one of my specialties!

Factors that will increase the base price listed above:

  • Rooting in hair. Minor amounts of rooting in additional hair (i.e. highlights or lowlights) will add around $50 to the price. To lower a hairline (Suzette, Mei Li, etc.) and/or add significant amounts of hair to the crown, the price for rooting will be $100.
  • Shipping special items. Please add an additional $15 for international shipping. Also add an additional $15 for Sybarite return shipping costs. (For sending a Syb, I recommend using one of the SuperDoll boxes with the foam-padded lid and box since those seem to protect the Sybarite dolls best during shipping.)

Sending your doll and first payment…

Once I have confirmed a time slot for you, please send me your doll as soon as you can; sometimes I can work ahead of my schedule, and it helps me to keep things flowing if you’ve sent your doll early. (Please e-mail me for my shipping address.) You can then send me a payment of half of the total amount for the commission either by Paypal or by personal check to arrive just before your scheduled time. (Or go ahead and send full or half payment at the same time you send your doll if you prefer.) The other half will be due after I complete the doll and you have reviewed the pictures and approved…

Thank you! I can’t wait to work with you to create your very special doll!

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